Litigation Funding for Whistleblower Claims.

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7 July 2020


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Our current political climate has given rise to a spotlight on whistleblowers, and the topic has sparked ongoing national debates and newsworthy headlines. Amid the controversy has been a broader conversation about the growing pace of qui tam litigation, which can be attributed to increased regulatory scrutiny and new statutory avenues for whistleblowers to identify fraud. However, qui tam litigation has not been the only burgeoning legal development over the last several years. The use of third-party funding to support these claims has expanded rapidly across the legal world. Increasingly, sophisticated claimants appreciate how funding can help manage costs and offset legal risk, and savvy lawyers recognize how third-party funding can expand their practice and offer their clients flexibility on fees. As a result, lawyers who pursue qui tam matters should become familiar with litigation funding and its many advantages.

Due to the substantial costs and risks associated with qui tam proceedings, these claims are a natural fit for litigation funding. Partnering with a litigation funder can provide claimants and their counsel with access to additional resources, and help to offset their risk to a third party. In this whitepaper, we provide insight into how claimants, litigators and funders can work together to achieve favorable outcomes in qui tam matters.

You can download the PDF of our whitepaper, Litigation Funding for Whistleblower Claims here.


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