Doing Business In Japan.

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23 September, 2018


Doing Business in Japan is a guide for companies operating in or considering investment into Japan. The 2018 edition presents various aspects key to doing business in Japan, including: 


  • Japan's commercial laws
  • forms of business organization in Japan
  • the regulatory framework and compliance requirements affecting businesses in Japan
  • Japan's tax system as it applies to corporate and commercial activities.


Political & Legal Background


  • System of Government
  • Sources of Law
  • Court System
  • Court Procedures
  • Criminal Procedures – Developments
  • International Arbitration and Mediation


Business Entity Forms and Structures


  • Joint-Stock Company (Kabushiki Kaisha)
  • Limited Liability Company (Gōdō Kaisha)
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Office
  • Partnerships


Common Investment Strategies for Japan


  • Wholly-owned Subsidiary
  • Joint Venture Company
  • Investment in a Listed Company
  • Market Entry by Acquisition of a Company or Business Assets


Foreign Investment Laws


  • Overview and Key Definitions
  • Share Acquisitions – General Case
  • Share Acquisitions – Exceptional Cases
  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Foreign Ownership Restrictions
  • Currency and Exchange Control


Taxation in Japan


  • National Taxes
  • Local Taxes


Intellectual Property


  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Japan
  • Patents and Utility Models in Japan
  • Trademarks in Japan
  • Designs in Japan
  • Copyright in Japan
  • Other Intellectual Property Protections in Japan
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property in Japan


Labor Laws


  • Sources of Employment and Labor Law
  • Labor Standards Act
  • Work Rules
  • Wages, Bonuses and Other Payments
  • Working Hours and Holidays
  • Overtime Work and Work on Days Off
  • Mandatory Social and Labor Insurance Schemes
  • Tax Considerations
  • Termination of Employment
  • Trade Unions


Antimonopoly Act


  • Overview
  • Prohibition of Cartels
  • Private Monopolization
  • Unfair Trade Practices
  • Control of Business Combinations
  • Prior Consultation with the FTC
  • Extra-Territorial Application of the Antimonopoly Act
  • Administrative and Criminal Procedures 


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