Data Breach Fatigue - Is There A Positive Outcome In Sight?

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31 August, 2018


First came the shock, then the fear, followed almost inevitably by an outburst of recrimination and the formation of a committee of inquiry. Singapore’s largest ever data breach has set in train a series of responses. Sadly, the initial shock is the only one that surprises cyber security experts.


It may be natural that those who, like myself, spend their working hours advising companies on data security breaches are the least surprised that these thefts are still happening – even when they are on the monumental scale of the cyber-heist at SingHealth.


But although this breach has been the biggest, it can hardly be regarded as the only attack to impact Singaporeans’ faith in the safety of their stored information. Even the most casually concerned amongst them will have heard that cybercrime has long been able to breach not just the flimsy stockades of the under-resourced, but the defences of the globe’s greatest citadels of state and commerce.


This really does affect almost every level of interaction. Our 10th edition of the Kroll Global Fraud & Risk Report released earlier this year showed that 86% of surveyed executives said that their company experienced a cyber incident or information/data theft, loss, or attack in the last twelve months.


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