China - Hong Kong - COVID-19: DCM Issues To Consider On Bond Offerings.

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27 March, 2020


The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) has caused disruption across greater China and the region. Governments in the region and worldwide have imposed a series of containment measures, including lockdown of certain cities in the People’s Republic of China Mainland (“Mainland China”), international travel restrictions or quarantine measures imposed by various countries on travellers to and from areas affected by COVID-19 and unprecedented ‘work from home’ arrangements in Mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”).


To assist businesses and their legal teams consider the main issues that they should be thinking about in the current environment, we published a practice guide in early February ‘Novel coronavirus: practice guide of significant commercial and legal issues’.


This note is a follow-up to the webinar that we held on 27 February 2020 for our debt capital markets clients. The webinar and this note relate to specific debt capital markets issues that should be considered by transactional parties on bond offerings. We have focused on international bonds offered outside the United States by issuers in Mainland China and Hong Kong (although the same issues may well apply to other affected issuers in Asia). We have also included some practical tips and workarounds on deals based on our recent experience.


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Melvin Sng, Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Asia, Linklaters