Changes To Workplace Relocation Laws In Thailand.

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10 August, 2019


On May 5, 2019, amendments to Thailand’s Labour Protection Act (LPA) introduced changes to a variety of employer obligations to enhance employee protection, including statutory severance pay, maternity leave, and paid necessary business leave, among others. It also set out key amendments to the law governing workplace relocation, and employers should be sure to familiarize themselves with these new provisions due to their potential impact on business operational decisions in future.


Under the old law, relocation to another existing work location of the employer, such as to another branch, would not fall within the scope of workplace relocation (Section 120 of the LPA), which requires employee consent, but would instead constitute a change in employment conditions. However, the recent LPA amendment has broadened the scope of the workplace relocation provision, and Section 120 now applies “where an employer relocates [an employee’s] current workplace to a new establishment, or to another of its existing work locations.”


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