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6 July 2020

The use of litigation funding is expanding rapidly across the legal world.

The use of litigation and arbitration funding is expanding rapidly across the legal world.

This trend has accelerated as the key actors in dispute resolution proceedings become familiar with litigation funding and its many advantages. Sophisticated claimants appreciate how funding can help them manage costs and offset legal risk; entrepreneurial lawyers recognise how third-party funding can help them expand their practice and offer clients flexibility on fees; and forward-thinking judges and arbitrators acknowledge the positive role that litigation funding plays in ‘unlocking’ meritorious claims and fostering access to justice.

Until recently, use of litigation funding was largely confined to certain common law jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, but in the last few years there has been rapid expansion in its use. This growth trend, though not entirely countercyclical, is largely uncorrelated to wider macroeconomic activity, which has led the litigation funding industry to develop from a niche product allowing access-to-justice for capital-constrained claimants, to a more encompassing risk hedging device attractive to well-resourced businesses.

Litigation funding is now increasingly being used in disputes in continental Europe, Latin America, various offshore jurisdictions and, importantly, Asia. In recent times, Singapore and Hong Kong have built on their reputation as well-established arbitral seats, making significant investments in their international arbitration ‘infrastructure’, and establishing themselves as ‘go to’ venues for arbitration in Asia. These jurisdictions have also benefitted from the growth of emerging markets in Asia, where West-to-East capital flow, often to fund mega-infrastructure and energy projects has not only generated capital, but also increased the number of Asian parties involved in high-stakes disputes in the region.

To remain competitive on the global arbitration stage, however, Hong Kong and Singapore have been playing catch-up when it comes to litigation funding, but encouragingly they have indicated a willingness to embrace it. Recent changes in the law in Hong Kong and Singapore have demonstrated that the region is adept at embracing fast-paced change and shedding the historical constraints that made it less attractive and competitive as a disputes venue.

Woodsford is excited by the opportunities presented by these changes and is looking forward to continuing to expand its business in the region.

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