An Overview Of The Legal Profession In Thailand.

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23 July, 2019


Nandana Indananda and Manaswee Wongsuryrat, a partner and attorney-at-law respectively in Tilleke & Gibbins’ intellectual property group, have contributed a comprehensive guide to Thailand’s legal profession to the Taipei Bar Law Journal —the academic publication of the Taipei Bar Association.


The guide covers a range of topics related to Thai legal practice, including the various types of lawyers in Thailand, licensing and registration, the remit and operations of the Thai Bar Association and the Lawyers Council of Thailand, and various other matters that underpin the Thai legal profession.


The article can be downloaded here in full, below, or from the Taipei Bar Association website. It was first published in the Taipei Bar Law Journal.



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Manaswee Wongsuryat, Tilleke & Gibbins