A Practical Guide To Litigation Funding.

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7 July 2020


A Practical Guide to Litigation Funding

Appetite for litigation funding amongst claimants, and the capital available to satisfy that appetite, has never been greater. Combined with a widening liberalisation of funding regimes across the globe, litigation funding is now a routine consideration for claimants with meritorious disputes in both domestic litigation and in international arbitration. It is therefore more important than ever for legal advisors to have the best understanding of litigation funding. At Woodsford, we see a number of common themes from the questions raised by those approaching litigation funding for the first time, be it claimant or legal advisor.

Those are:
• What benefits can non-recourse funding offer?
• What are the criteria for a case to be eligible for funding?
• What are the necessary diligence and transactional processes required to secure a funding commitment?

The aim of this Guide is to shed some light on these common queries by:
• Providing an overview of litigation funding and its benefits to claimants.
• Identifying the fundamental criteria of a viable funding opportunity.
• Detailing the mechanics of the funder’s underwriting process.
• Examining the principal sections of a standard litigation funding agreement.

Along the way, we will include some Industry Insights for claimants and their law firms to consider as they evaluate third-party funders to financially support their side of a commercial dispute.

You can can download the PDF of our whitepaper, A Practical Guide to Litigation Funding here


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